What is a Tax Reference Number and where can I find it?

Have you ever noticed a recurrent number on your payslips with one employer? This is your tax reference number. The first three digits of the number will identify the tax office number where your employer’s tax is registered. The rest of the digits will be your identification number. However, this does not restrict you to one tax office for tax queries. If you provide your National Insurance Number (NINO), you can visit any tax office or call tax office number across UK to satisfy your tax query.

Tax Identification Number

You’re End of Year Certificate; the P60 also shows your tax reference number. P60 is also provided by your employer. It details your total annual income received, the income tax paid on it and your National Insurance Contributions deducted. If you choose to leave the employment, your employer will issue you Form P45. This will also have your tax reference number on it.

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Tax Reference Number

When you join a new employment, you will automatically receive a new tax reference number. Effectively, your tax reference number is used to locate your tax record with a said employer. It can show automated record of your total annual incomes and tax paid during the course of one employment. Apart from this, they are not to be used with official correspondence with HMRC and/or as legal identity numbers.


HMRC Tax Number

You may receive letters from HMRC with different tax reference numbers. This might be due to the fact that you have multiple employments simultaneously. The tax reference number will identify the employer and employment to which the notification at hand is pertinent to. A tax reference number is also issued for each of your occupational pension schemes.

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Unique Tax Payer Reference (UTR)

The tax reference number is often confused with Unique Tax Payer Reference (UTR) and NINO. A UTR is issued once in lifetime when you register for self assessment the first time. All your subsequent self assessments will be filed with the same UTR. This number has ten digits and is displayed on all self assessment forms. HMRC uses UTR for all self assessment related issues and disputes.

National Insurance Number (NINO)

The NINO on other hand consists of two letters followed by six numbers and then again a suffix letter. It is also allotted once in a lifetime. It is used for tracking your lifetime national insurance contributions. HMRC sends an official letter for NINO issuance through its Department of Work and Pensions. Like tax reference number, Both UTR and NINO do not bear any legal Identity proof.

What is P60? Is it still available?

Citizens of Ireland will no longer be able to get p60 now. As part of PAYE Modernization , P45 and P60 have been abolished since 1st January 2019.  It is instead being replaced by the end of year statement, available through Revenue- the Irish Counterpart of HMRC. You can get the End of Year Statement through Revenue’s My Account Service.

The first End of Year Statement will be available only after 31st December 2019. The statement will include details of your:

  • Pay
  • Income tax
  • Universal Social Charge (USC)
  • Pay Related Social Insurance (PRSI).

As per the new online system, the employer will enter all details for above against your PPS (Personal Public Service) Number. The synchronization will enable you to view all the deductions that the employer has made to your Gross pay. The employer will be able to mention only statutory deductions. You will not see non statutory payments like union subscriptions in records updated by your employer.

You will also no longer get a P45 when you leave a job. Your employer will instead enter details for your leaving date and final pay and relevant deductions in the Revenue’s online portal. You will also be able to view the same details from your account login.

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