Are you looking for a reliable small business accountant London? You will need an accountant at various stages of growth of your business. Unlike what you think, an accountant does much more than mere payrolls and tax returns. Small business accounting should always encompass growth opportunities and growth issues. A good accountant will be there for you when you need to write a business plan, when you need to cange your business legal structure, when you face tax investigations or when you file a loan application. Yes, your accountant has to be ready to travel your growth journey with you.

Growing big does not mean you need an in-house accountant on your own payroll. You will find more than one London accountant for small business to outsource your growth related book keeping, accounting and taxation challenges to. Certax Fitzrovia Accountants can be your smart and new age small business accountant London and actually across UK. We continue the Certax tradition of excellence and quality services. We are a qualified accountant in London that can provide online accounting services across UK. You will end up saving more by using your valuable time in your business pursuits rather than accounting and tax issues.

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We are a team of qualified business accountants UK. Writing  a business plan is part of our expertise. We use professional accounting software to include calculated financial projections in your business plan and other reports. Most small businesses will not have the necessary expertise to tackle with technical financial calculations. We help our clients produce a realistic and professional business plan that is more likely to succeed. We are not only a small business accountant London but an apt business growth consultant. Hiring us at this early stage will give you access to a better advice and financial knowledge. And we promise we will stick with you through ups and downs of your growth journey and small business challenges.


Different legal structures have different implications on how how you invoice, how you file your tax returns, how you deal with your finances and and how you deal with debt and losses. Our small business accountant London packages include Legal structure consultancy for new start ups and growing businesses. We can help you determine the best legal structure for your business by explaining you pros and cons of each option and keeping in view your unique circumstances and personal goals. We also cover all legal registration and documentation requirements involved in change of existing legal structure.


Small business accountant London have been increasingly in demand because HMRC has introduced stricter tax regulations for small enterprises. Just like large businesses, smaller ones also have to face tax investigations for failure to pay, incorrect payment and misrepresentation. Most self employed and small business owners have to now prepare statutory records, keep in line with updated tax laws anf manage payroll and other employment related regulations. It is impossible to do it on your own. This where Certax Fitzrovia  comes in picture. We are small accounting firm in UK, affiliated with one of the largest accounting and tax related services provider.


Most small business owners do not know that there are multiple ways of treating accounting transactions and that UK government and HMRC allows options in certain cases how you records income, expenses, assets, liabilities, and tax calculations. You also can choose various VAT schemes. As your accountant, it is our duty to inform you of all options and help you make decision that lets you have highest profits and least tax liability.

What else we can do as your small business accountant London?

  • Financial Reporting for Management Accounting
  • Cost Accounting for small manufacturing units.
  • Advice on sale, purchase or takeover of a business
  • Transaction based tax consultancy
  • Self Assessment and Tax returns

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Remember your expertise is running your business and not accounting and tax related issues. We help you focus on what you are good at and do for you what we are good at doing. If you want us as your small business accountant London, call us 020 8004 4608 at or email us at

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