If you are looking to know how much does an accountant cost then this blog might help you in getting your answers.

The accountant cost vary considerably, and it mostly depends upon the type of service they are helping you with.

In case, if you are looking to hire an accountant for your firm then it’s good to know that most of the accountants charge you a fixed rate per month.

Why I Need Accountant?

Off Course, before planning to hire your accountant you must understand that how he or she can help your business and why you actually need to hire an accountant.

  • They save you from paying more tax
  • Help you take the advantage of every allowance
  • They make sure to provide accurate figures to HMRC and companies house on time
  • They have knowledge of 17000 pages UK tax law
  • Accountant go through your expanses and identify every area where you can save money.

General Accounting Services for Small Business

A small business can be anything like a limited company of 50 employees or a self-employed contractor. Accounting for such business comes in a package with several services including:

  • Annual accounts
  • Bookkeeping
  • Corporation tax returns
  • Director’s personal tax return
  • Monthly & annual payroll returns
  • Quarterly VAT returns
  • Advice on tax avoidance legislation (IR35)
  • Ongoing day-to-day advice from your accountant.

This is a most common package but some accounting firms may even provide you with more options. Typically, you have to pay a monthly fee for such packages.

However, this monthly fee may vary, means your accountant cost can be as low as £60 or as high as £250 subjected to various things like turnover, service depth and location that you are located in at UK. In addition, businesses who have more employees and turnover will likely to pay more.

Accounting Fees per Service

You can also hire an accountant on a service-by-service basis, for example, you may hire accountant for year-end accounting, VAT returns or payroll services. Here, we are presenting a common one-off fees for similar services:

Accountant Cost

Please note: All fees given in this guide is just for your guidance and if you want to get an idea about actual and accurate accountant cost, you can contact We are the leading firm of accountants and can offer you a full range of accounting and tax services. Contact Certax London and get your quote now.

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