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What is Form CWF1 and why do you need to fill it

What is Form CWF1? Are you planning to become self employed? Or are you starting your own business? You need to inform HM Revenue &Customs of your intention to do so. You will have to fill in a form CWF1…

A Brief Guide On How To Complete Your Self Assessment With HMRC

Are you self employed? Or are you a director of a company and do you receive income greater than £100,000. You need to register yourself for self assessment with HM Revenue & Customs. You will be allotted your Unique Taxpayer…

Understanding How To Calculate Capital Gains Tax

Question: I purchased a home property in 2010 for £480,000. I lived in the property for 1 year before renting it out. In 2017, I sold this property for £610,000. How do I calculate my Capital Gains Tax? Answer: The…

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