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Net Investment Income Tax

What is Net Investment Income? When you get income from the investment of your assets this is known as net Investment. The assets that you would get net investment income are loans, stocks, bonds and mutual funds and other investments….

What is Accounting? Importance and Needs of Accounting

Accounting is all of the recording of financial transactions, summarizing, storing and sorting the presented information to analyse and make reports to access how your business is going but these reports should not be distributed outside of the company. Accounting…

Three Golden Rules of Accounting with Details

Ever wondered what the 3 golden rules of accounting were? Well here are three rules of accounting and what they do: Personal Account – Debit the receiver and credit the giver Real Account – Debit what comes in and Credit…

HMRC Income Tax Rates 2018

HMRC income tax rates 2018 The current tax year for 2018 is from the 6th April to the 5th April 2019. The tax rate that you fall in all depend on how much income you get per year. It also…

Car Tax Bands Rates UK

Depending on what the vehicles CO2 emissions the first time it gets registered then that will be the rate that you will have to pay on your car tax. It applies to all cars and some motorhomes. If your motorhome…

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