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Tax Rates on Dividends 2017

The dividends is where you have a share of the after-tax profit of a company. It is distributed out to its shareholders according to the number and class of shares that they have. Smaller companies tend to distribute the dividends…

Capital Gains Tax Rates and Allowance 2017/18 UK

If you sell or dispose of something, an asset of yours, and you gain profit on it from when you originally bought it, it will be taxed and this tax is known as capital gain tax. Some of the assets…

Corporation Tax Rates UK

Corporation tax is where the rates that are applied to your company’s accounting period for corporation tax. There are different rates for profits of companies involved in oil rights. It is most likely to apply for the small profit rates…

Income Tax Rates On Personal Allowance UK 2017 to 2018

Each year everyone who is employed has to pay the UK income tax. The amount of income tax to pay each year depends on how much of this falls within each tax band and how much of your income is…

Key Points of Spring Budget 2017 Summary & Predictions

The spring budget 2017 UK date was delivered on Wednesday 8th March at 12.30pm by Phillip Hammond. This will be the last Spring budget because the Chancellor will deliver an Autumn Budget and a Spring statement going forward. Here are…

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